Thursday, October 15, 2009

Omaha Zoo

Thursday, October 1st, Heather, Heather's mom Doreen and I headed to Omaha to meet up with Rob, Gracie and Karys at the Omaha Zoo for a day of fun. This was a mere 5 days after our AdventureLand adventure, my point there is I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt at AdventureLane and on this day, I was in jeans, long sleeves and a vest. Welcome to fall!

It was raining off and on, so the girls brought their umbrellas!
First stop...the Desert Dome. Heather shows Gracie and Karys how soft the sand is...
...let's take another look at this scene. That's what aunts are for!
Gracie points our the elephant cave drawing as Heather and Karys pretend to be elephants.
The girls stop to look at some fish in the water.
So many things to see and learn!
We stop of a group picture...all smiles, well almost all smile.
Gracie and Karys take a short cut through a small cave and come running out the other side.
Here I am explaining to Karys that this Desert Dome is geodesic dome and how Buckminster Fuller came up with geodesic spheres and how mathematical principals can be seen in the dome...and she is just as excited as I am.
The girls try to get a better look at the pit filled with pigs in the background...they were smelly!
Rob got "stuck" in some cactus...the girls thought that was hilarious!
Gracie and I are excited to find rabbits behind us just like the ones on her shirt.
Gracie and Karys discover strange animals they have never seen before.
After the desert dome we headed downstairs to Night Eyes, an underground/night adventure. First stop was the caves.
After the caves we walked through the Everglades. The two white dots in the picture below are the eyes of an alligator...kind of creepy!
Next, we headed down to the Cat Complex. Heather gives her best white tiger snarl.
We weren't sure if these were instructions or warnings of what not to do...
Mufasa, the king of the jungle looked to be sporting a mow-hawk today!
All the girls checking out the tigers.
After the cats, we got out our umbrella's and headed to see the monkeys and gorillas!
Karys and Gracie were super excited to see the monkeys.
Heather made friends with one of the gorillas.
Everyone got to sit down and hang out with our new found friend.
This lady was taking care of a baby gorilla, she had on a big hairy vest that had the texture of gorilla hair.
After the monkeys and gorillas, we walked by the birds and saw the pink flamingos. None of us really like birds, so we were ok with a walk by.
We did stop and see a grizzly bear, the girls thought it was so funny to watch him drink water from the stream.
Rob and Karys made friends with a peacock on our way to the aquarium.
We got to the aquarium just in time to see the zoo keepers feeding the penguins. Those penguins are just so classy, always dressed up and looking good.
The aquarium was amazing, we walked though a tunnel under the water. We stopped for a photo with every one's best "fish" face!
This was a big glass wall looking into the water, complete with fish, sharks and sea turtles.
Gracie and Heather get a closer look into one of the smaller tanks.
As we came out of the aquarium, we were surprised to find...the sun!
I think the giraffe's were just as surprised as we were because they came out to walk around too.
Last stop was the butterfly house. Heather didn't like the fact that the butterflies and humming birds were free to fly around with us. She was sure that one would end up in her hair.
As we were heading out for the day, we stopped to get some pictures. Here is Rob with his "wild animals"!
The whole zoo crew!
We had a great time at the zoo! It was a lot of fun to see Rob, Gracie and Karys and even more fun to hear the stories as we walked around! What a fun day!

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