Thursday, October 15, 2009


Every year, Heather's grandma gets tickets for AdventureLand! This year, due to full schedules, we planned on going the last weekend in September which is the last weekend that AdventureLand is open. This year, Heather's grandpa was in the hospital so grandma and Heather's parents were there with him. Grandma Gloria still wanted us to go to AdventureLand, so we met up with Chad, Shay, Nathan and Aaron for a day of thrills and spills.

We started off the day on the Ferris Wheel and Nathan was excited!
We then headed over to the Galleon, a big boat the swings back and forth. Nathan loved this one last year...
...and this year was no different. Let the fun begin!
Nathan and Heather took a spin on the Teacups.
Chad and Nathan hopped in the planes to take a ride...
...only to find out Chad was too big to ride this ride, but Nathan was fine to fly solo.
After the planes, Nathan took Heather for a spin in his big rig truck. With one hand on the wheel, Nathan gives me a wave!
This year, Nathan really wanted to ride a roller coaster. We found one that he was able to ride...The Underground. He loved it!
Nathan also took a spin on the boats...
...and he tried his hand at fishing. He even caught one and won a prize.
Chad was able to fly with Nathan on Puff the Dragon. I am not sure who is more excited Chad, Nathan or the Dragon.
I got to ride with Nathan on the Chuck Wagon!
Bummer...Nathan was not tall enough to ride the Outlaw, hopefully next year!
Shay and Chad both met the height requirement, so they took a ride on the Outlaw!
The whole crew is all smiles as the day comes to an end.
We had a great time at AdventureLand! It is fun to see the park through the eyes of a 3 year old. After we finished riding the ride, we headed to the Newton Hospital to share our AdventureLand stories!

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