Monday, October 19, 2009

Mid-Iowa Marching Band

Saturday night, Derek, Joni, Heather and myself attended the Mid-Iowa Band Championship, hosted by Ankeny High School. The competitions started at 4pm and the last band performed at 11:30pm. We saw most of the 3A competition. It was a chilly night, so we came bundled up.
Derek, Joni and Heather (band nerds) have been to this competition before and are excited to see the bands perform.

The first one we saw was Charles City.

Then Norwalk performed. They had a bigger band and they even had two baton twirlers...
...they even twirled fire!
Then it was Oskaloosa's turn to take the field.
...followed by Winterset
Then Dallas-Center Grimes put on a show.
...last but not least, what Heather had been waiting for all night...Pella
The Little Dutch took the field...
...and put on a good show
Pella did end up winning class 3A. We had a lot of fun watching the bands. I learned a lot about marching band!

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Margaret said...

Little known fact from a former marching band nerd: Norwalk produces quite a crop baton twirlers. At one point, and maybe for several years running, the twirlers for Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI marching bands were ALL from Norwalk!