Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tuesday, October 6th, Heather and I headed to Monroe to help Grandma Gloria pick apples from her apple tree. Chad, Shay, Nathan and Aaron also joined us for some good fun in the fall. It was pretty chilly that day, so Shay and Aaron cheered us on from inside. Heather climbed up into the tree to reach more apples.

Nathan showing us his red apple that matches his red gloves and red stocking cap and also match his red cheeks!

Chad used the long picker pole to reach up high and to reach down low.
Heather and I switched places in the tree so that I could reach a few more apples.
It was getting dark and the gals headed in to warm up, I was still in the tree and Chad was on the ground. I yelled to Chad, "Get the bucket ready, I am going to give the tree a shake!" I shook that tree as hard as I could and the apples rained down. We picked up the fallen apples and we too went inside to warm up. It was a lot of fun picking apples and we now have plenty of apples to eat, to make apple crisp and to make apple cider!

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