Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weekend in Orange City

Last weekend, Heather and I headed up to Orange City for the weekend. We didn't have any plans, we just wanted to hang out. We got there Friday evening about 6 or so. As the girls were winding down for bed time, Karys thought it would be fun to play beauty shop with Auntie Heather.
...and what a nice job she did fixing up Heather's hair!
Rob and Addyson were all smiles!
Saturday morning, Erin has a cross country meet to go to and Rob and I used the day as a work day. We tackled painting Gracie and Karys' room. Heather and the girls had a great time playing together. Gracie thought she should try her hand at beauty shop.
...and Heather's hair turned out great, nice job Gracie!
I took a break from painting to get into a tickle fight with Addyson.
...I think I won!
Later that evening, Addyson got changed into her yellow jammies to cheer on the Hawkeyes...and wouldn't you know, the Hawkeyes won!
Sunday morning, Addyson is still excited about the Hawkeye's win over Michigan
Before we headed home, we had a coloring contest and we hung the results on the door.
We had a great time hanging out in Orange City. We got a lot of work done around the house (although I forgot to take pictures of the project) and had a lot of laughs with Rob, Erin and the girls. Big thanks to Rob and Erin for having us up, we always have a great time!

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