Sunday, September 6, 2009

Central Invite

Saturday morning, Heather and I headed to Pella so I could run in the Central Invitational. A group of guys from the noon running group formed a team...SCRCXC, to compete in the race. Here we are at the starting line getting ready to race!
...and we are off, thumbs up as I go by.
Heading through the turns as I try and run with the college boys.
...climbing up the last hill to the finish.
...and into the finish!
Even though I have ran this course before, for some reason it felt a lot different running it when I was 28 compared to running it when I was 23...I think the hills got bigger. Despite our age, we did fairly well against the college boys. Our team finished 3rd overall out of 7 college teams and we had 4 guys in the top 21! Check out the full results here. Go SCRCXC!

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