Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meals from the Heartland

What if you found out you can change the world? Meals from the Heartland
Iowans from all walks of life came together in love to do what they could to alleviate the devastating impact of world hunger. Working in teams of eight to ten, in two-hour shifts, during the week-long event in September, 12,000 volunteers packaged more than 4,000,000 meals to be delivered to starving people around the world. Individuals, businesses, schools, churches, and various civic organizations rallied behind the effort and showed the nation and the world what Iowans who truly care can accomplish.
Our small group helped out last year and we were jazzed to get on the assembly line again this year. This year we secured a 2 hours time slot on Labor Day from 6 - 8 pm, the last shift of the event! Excited to get started we throw on our hair nets and wait for instructions...
...only to find out that the volunteers who worked from September 3rd until we got there on the 7th actually packaged most of the meals and they were running out of supplies. Which is a good thing because they would reach their goal of 4 million meals! So we took our hair nets off and grabbed a rag and helped out with the clean up effort. We wiped down more plastic bins than I could count, they were stacked way over our heads!
At one point, they opened up the garage door at Hy-Vee Hall, it was a cool site to see out onto the downtown streets and also see hundreds of volunteers packaging meals that will make a difference to millions!
We got a team picture and it was accidental that the boys are lined up in height order.
After the dust had settled and everything was cleaned up, the volunteers through the week ended up packaging 4,019,904 meals! Check out a the video here.

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