Thursday, September 3, 2009

bike route

There are a lot of things that one can see when they bike to work at 6:30 am. This morning was no exception! First off, I noticed the dawn. The sun was slowly coming up as I was pedaling and making my way downtown. I know, the sun comes up everyday. Two weeks ago, the sun was already up at 6:30 and now today it was just creeping over the horizon...days are getting shorter.
Another thing I noticed today were the kids waiting for the bus. That means...back to school, which also means summer is over.
I was pedaling up one street and a mom was walking her son to the bus stop. I would guess he was in kindergarten or 1st grade, he was pointing out everything to his mom. When he saw me he said "Mom, do you see that bicycle?" "Yes, I see the bike" the mom replied as I passed by. He looks at me going by and shouts..."Hey, cool backpack!" "Thanks" I reply back.
Then I turned the corner and I couldn't believe my eyes. Right there on the side of the road was a small sugar maple tree, half green and the other half red!
Can it be true? Can the tree be turning colors already? It's true, they are changing.
It is a blessing to me to be able to ride my bike to work. My bike slows me down in a fast paced world, which helps me to see the trees changing colors and today I realized that, according to my new friend walking to school, I have "a cool backpack!"

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