Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Doreen

I am a little behind with this post, but better late than never...right? Anyway, last Sunday, the 6th we celebrated Doreen's birthday. Grandma Great and the Pella VL's came to Ankeny for the day to hang out. The day started with the ladies getting pedicures! Doreen and Shay are all smiles as they get pampered.
Heather and Aaron planned accordingly for the day with matching blues!
After a great meal it was time for birthday cake! Nathan was super excited for the ice cream cake.
Nathan carefully watches Papa Brent's every move as he cuts the cake.
Aaron and I got to hang out for a little bit while the cake was being handed out, Nathan is already digging into his piece in the background.
What a cutie!
"What do you get when you cross an elephant with a fish?"...swimming trunks! Well Aaron thought is was funny.
Aaron's first bicycling lesson, holding on to the handles while he kicked (pedaled) with his feet!
Big brother Nathan also gives Aaron a biking lesson, now that he is a pro on his bike!
We had a great time hanging out in Ankeny on Sunday and spending time together!

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