Friday, September 4, 2009

A Little Landscaping

Heather and I have been wanting to plant some tall ornamental grasses along a small retaining wall that runs between our house and our neighbors house to the east. Well we were at Lowe's looking at their grass and it was on we got some!
We didn't get back from shopping till about 7pm, a quick dinner and then we got to planting.
...and more planting. We ended up planting 19 grass clumps. We planted two types of grass, Karl Foerster Feather Reed grass and Morning Light. Hopefully that will add some good texture and create a visual break (wall) between the two houses.
Here is what our new grasses look like in the daylight!
While our thumbs were still green, we turned our attention to a tree. In this picture there is a small tulip tree between our house and our neighbors house to the west.
Thanks to the help of these guys...
...that tulip tree is no longer there.

The tree really wasn't doing very well, it didn't get a lot of light because of the oak trees and didn't have very many blooms on it this spring, so down it came.

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