Sunday, September 6, 2009


Saturday evening Heather and I went to the Dayton Rodeo with our friends the Elsbernd's. We packed our picnics, put on our ivory snap cowboy shirts, threw on our cowboy hats and prepared ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and into cowboy culture!
We got to the rodeo around 6:15 and found a good place to sit on the hill. The rodeo is set into the hill in a natural amphitheatre. We got minor wedgies due to the force of gravity as we slowly slide down the hill through the night, but our seats were great so we can't complain. Ryan, Cindy and Lars digging into dinner before the show got under way.
For the pre-show we were amazed by the "Serpentine Riders"...they were a good starting act and got the crowd warmed up for the show.
Then out came "Old Glory" closely followed by...
...the smokeless tobacco flag and the Budweiser flag (and the crowd went wild!)
The local fundraiser for the night were young Hispanic kids picking up cans and bottles, welcome to small town Iowa!
The cowgirls with their flags and Miss Iowa Rodeo in the sparkly chaps!
Heather and I snapped a pic before the big show got started...can you tell we are not really farm kids?
Looking back up the hill at the spectators, Heather, Ryan, Cindy, Lars and Sam...all super excited for the 72nd Annual Dayton Rodeo to get under way! *side note, the Elsbernd's have been to the Rodeo since the 70th annual and are surprisingly well versed in "rodeo culture"
And a special treat...Troy, The Wild Child, was the rodeo clown for the evening.
First up...bull riding.
...after that it was bucking broncos!
Strap in and hold on as long as possible...usually less than 10 seconds.
This was a team event...riding a wild horse. 3 people per team, 7 teams. The gates open with two guys holding onto a stallion with a rope, they then try and throw a saddle on the horse and have one guy ride across to the other side...only problem, the horses aren't friendly! Guys were drug around, kicked, was 3 minutes of chaos.
Due to the darkness we were unable to capture the following events: Bulldoggers (wrestling a bull to the ground), Mutton Busting (young kids holding onto sheep for dear life), Team Roping, Tie-Down Roping and Barrel racing. All in all, it was a great show and has made our top 5 list of summer events. We highly recommend going to see the 73rd Annual Rodeo next year...giddy up!

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