Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gracie's Birthday

Saturday evening, we celebrated Gracie's birthday! Per her request, Heather and I made tulip cupcakes. Before the parade, I put the finishing touches on the tulips.
Karys and Gracie watch and point out which cupcakes need more frosting.
Gracie is excited to turn 5!
Her eyes get wider as Erin lights the candles on her cupcakes!
We all sing her "Happy Birthday"...
...then Gracie blows out her candles.
After the cupcakes, Gracie opens up her presents!
Auntie Heather shows Gracie the memory game that she made!
After opening gifts, we headed to the backyard to play! So much fun can we had with a "twirly" slide! The birthday girl flew down the slide!
Karys next...
...and then Nathan came flying down.
Then they got a little inventive...forming a train, Karys and Nathan went down the slide together!
Then the adults joined in. Gracie and I went down the slide together!
Rob managed to slide down...head first!
Nathan rode on my back as we went down head first!
Auntie Heather and Gracie went down the slide together!
Rob and Karys are all laughs as they hit the grass.
Nathan and Chad come flying down together!
More train...this time all three! Gracie, Nathan and Karys!
We had a great time celebrating Gracie! We had a ton of fun all weekend with Heather's family, from the parade, to dinner, to the twirly slide. Big thanks to Rob and Erin for making the trip! Big thanks to Chad and Shay for opening up your home to all the craziness! It was so much fun to see Grandma Great, Aunt Kris and cousin John as well as for Brent and Doreen! It is always good to have the whole crew together!

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