Thursday, May 13, 2010

SUV vs Mini

Swagger Wagon! If you have discussed vehicles with Heather and I, you might know where we stand. I lean towards mini-van's (Mini-Van = Mega-Fun) while Heather is definitely in the SUV camp. Toyota's new "Swagger Wagon" campaign is awesome and they are making Mini-Van's awesome

This video is hilarious and actually good, the lyrics are funny and it is a very catchy tune! Check out the Sienna YouTube channel to see all the great ads Toyota has produced about these self proclaimed "best parents in the world". What camp are you in...Mini or SUV?


Pella VL's said...

Oh, my stars, I love it!! Heather -I have faith that you will some day join "the club" and own your very own Swagger Wagon!!

Margaret said...

Hilarious! I may have "Where my kids at? Where my kids at?" stuck in my head for the next 2 days.