Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tulip Time - Friday Night

Friday afternoon, Heather and I took off from work at lunch and headed to Pella to enjoy the 75th Tulip Time. Heather was walking in the parade on Saturday, so Friday afternoon we were tourists! I was a tourist with my own Tulip Time royalty as my tour guide! Despite the cold weather and strong wind, there were still some tulips that looked pretty good!
Heather and I all bundled up as we head up to watch the parade.
This year's tulip queen!
...and her court. This is the same buggy that Heather rode in when she was on the court!
I had to take a picture of this band..."Saber" marching band, it made me think of The Office.
Heather's family was walking in the parade. Heather's mom Doreen, Shay, Chad, Erin and Rob. Nathan, Karys and Gracie in the stroller and Addyson in Rob's arms. All decked out in dutch costumes!
Former Central College president, Dr. Roe was walking in the parade!
We caught the family again at the end of the parade, still smiling!
Shay and Chad are all smiles. Heather tells me you can't help but smile when you have on a dutch costume.
After the parade, we headed over and waited in line for Heather's favorite Dutch treat...poffertjes!
We had a lot of fun at the parade on Friday, it was a great start to a tulip time weekend!

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