Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Derek

Friday night, we joined some friends at Hessen Haus downtown to celebrate Derek's birthday! What a great German pub! We had a ton of fun. We ordered "Das Boot" for the table. For those not familiar with Das Boot: The Passing of the Boot – a drinking game centered around a glass boot filled with two litres of your favorite tap bier – remains one of the Hessen Haus’ favorite traditions for groups to engage in. These are the "rules" should you choose to follow them:
The Boot travels around the table clockwise.
Drink without pointing the toe away from you … and you drink again.
Fail to flick the Boot with your finger before passing it ... and you drink again.
Splash yourself while drinking from the Boot ... and you drink again.
Touch the table with the Boot ... and you buy the next one.
Finish the Boot ... and the person who passed it to you buys the next one.

We were not strict to the rules, but pretty much followed them. Heather and I with "Das Boot".
Marcus and Kelly, enjoying "Das Boot", Marcus did a great job of using his best German accent throughout the night!
Dawn and Aaron and Das Boot
Derek, the birthday boy, and Joni and of course, Das Boot
...and a victory for the "old head", he finished Das Boot! Nice work D!
We had a great time celebrating Derek's birthday with great friends. There were plenty of laughs and stories and some of us even learned a little bit about German culture! Happy Birthday Derek!

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