Saturday, September 11, 2010

73rd Annual Dayton Rodeo

Every Labor Day weekend, Dayton Iowa holds their annual rodeo! The Pella Vande Lunes stayed at our house and the OC Vande Lunes were in town staying with the Stroud's, so we all made the trip to catch the rodeo. Before we left, Nathan and I practiced being cowboys by shooting my b.b. gun at a cat running through our backyard.
...with a little help, he is a good shot!
This was the 73rd Annual Dayton Rodeo and the second annual for Heather and I!
We were all dressed up in our western wear...Nathan was looking sharp in his cowboy shirt and hat!
Heather and Addy were excited to be at the rodeo. We found a pretty good spot on the hill and had a picnic dinner. can't have a rodeo without a bag o' beer!
...and some bucking broncos!
Two city slickers pretending to be a cowboy and cowgirl for a night!
We even managed to get a smile out of Brent!
The intermission show had two buffaloes running around the arena!
...and the cowboy wrangled the two buffalo up on his trailer and then he rode his mule to the top and stood on his back...amazing!
Nathan and I enjoying the rodeo...giddy up cowboy!
We had a great time at the rodeo. There was plenty of action to watch and lots of culture to take in! It was fun to watch the kiddo's watch the rodeo and all the cowboys. At one point, Gracie noticed that the cowboys have to take turns going into the arena...just like the kids at school have to take turns sharing their toys, a great lesson learned!

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