Thursday, September 23, 2010


I love getting to spend time with my family! Over labor day weekend we did just that, spent time with family. After a very busy Saturday; Sunday afternoon meant naps. I've never been much for naps (my poor mom) so Gracie, my mom and myself decided to spend some time outside on a beautiful summer afternoon. We headed downtown and our first stop was the sculpture park.
1-2-3 JUMP
Next stop the fountain. Gotta love camera timers :) although my pants got very wet.
I love hanging out with this girl. It was so cute as we rode in the car she sat in the back with her legs crossed - window down and just smiled. LOVE IT!
I think there was a sign that said do not touch - so Gracie decided to "ride" instead.

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jjulie79 said...

WHERE are the new photos from you?)
Are you all right, guys?