Saturday, September 4, 2010

Iowa State Fair

As tradition, Heather and I spent a full day at the fair and this year it was Thursday that we headed to the fun! We met up with the Pella VL's for a fun filled day at the fair!
First stop, the horse barn. Nathan and I were both excited to see all the horses. I would ask Nathan what each horses name was...more often than not it was Bronto.
They were getting the horses ready for the competition, Nathan thought it was cool until the horse stomped his foot and startled him a little bit!
Outside they were getting the miniature ponies ready for showing too!
Nathan and Aaron were taking in all the sites.
Heather and the Big Bull
Outside the horse barn there was a one man band!
At the varied industries building we checked out the quilts...this one was done by my boss at work...nice job Eric!
Heather was really impressed with this dress and it's puffy sleeves!
I was really impressed with this needle point version of 3 wolf moon!
This years sand sculpture was Star Boars...
We also saw a replica of the world record corn stock standing 32 feet tall!
And as always...the butter cow!
We then headed up to some bubblers to cool off!
Shay and Heather enjoying the cool water.
Aaron wanted to check out the water as well.
Nathan showed his brother how to cool off.
After we cooled off we were just in time to catch the high diving show, it was amazing how they dove into the water from all different heights!
...not just regular diving, acrobatic diving as well!
...and the finally, a 85 foot dive!
Chad and Nathan headed down the giant slide!
All the way to the bottom and laughing the whole way!
The Pella VL's headed home around 4-ish and Heather and I headed over to catch the 5 o'clock news featuring Vocal Trash, a percussion based band.
We also sat and watched the horse show, the Percheron horses to the Shelton ponies.
...all decked out in their finest!
It was funny to watch the Shelton ponies trot next the the big Percheron horses and compare their sizes.
We did see a little excitement, as the ponies were warming up one of horses got scarred and took off running with the rider and chariot in tow. Despite the riders best effort, she couldn't get the horse to stop, it ran through the barriers...unfortunately they didn't make it back in time for the competition.
As we were heading out I saw this Farmall M tractor for dad grew up driving a Farmall M and has always wanted to get one.
We had a great time at the fair this year! We took in all the sites and sounds that the fair has to offer and we can't wait for next year. We had a ton of fun with the Pella VL's and enjoyed watching the boys explore.

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