Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Heather!

To celebrate Heather's birthday the Stroud's, the Pella Vande Lune's and Heather and I headed to the new Ankeny aquatic center for some fun in the sun!
The aquatic center has what I call the toilet bowl slide. It is a steep drop into a big bowl that spins you around then dumps you out the bottom, flushes you out the bottom. Brent and I thought it would be worth a try. If that little girl in the purple swim suite can go down this slide, we can too!
The slide was fast and it whipped me around that toilet bowl and before I knew it I was flushed out the can see me getting flushed out the right side of the bowl!
Nathan wanted to try his hand at a slide so he and Grandma Doreen went down the big blue slide!
Papa Brent's turn next!
Chad and Nathan went next and by their smiles, the blue slide is awesome!
Papa Brent and Aaron are cool hanging out in the shade.
Nathan was showing me how well he can swim in the deep end of the much fun!
Papa Brent and Grandma Doreen took Aaron on a trip around the lazy river.
...while Chad showed us his best cannon ball!
Shay and Heather enjoying the sun poolside.
Heather and I took advantage of a pool break and tested out the big blue slide...and sure enough it was fun!
Group picture at the pool!
Nathan and I took a break, he told me all about life in the "4's" room.
Chad and Shay are all smiles as we wrap up the afternoon at the pool.
Heather and I enjoying a great day at the pool!
We had a ton of fun swimming and soaking up the sun and celebrating Heather and her birthday!

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