Friday, September 10, 2010

More Birthday Fun

Heather and I have a bit of tradition around our birthday's, we don't work on each other's birthdays. This year Heather's birthday fell on a Monday, so I was more than happy to take the day off! We started off celebrating with some breakfast pizza from Casey's and then headed to Gray's lake to test out the aqua bikes!
The bikes were actually easier to pedal around the lake than paddle boats!
Heather and I having a blast as we pedal around the lake!
...and we got to wear some stylish life-vests!
After we pedaled around the lake we headed home to get ready for an evening out (or at least that is what Heather thought). The week prior, Kim, Joni and Dawn contacted me wanting to set up a surprise, so while Heather was getting ready the gals were in the basement waiting. Before we left, I asked Heather to let Riley out in the backyard, she went downstairs to find her surprise! They took her out for dinner and then back to our house to watch the Bachelor Pad.

Happy Birthday Heather!

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