Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Adventureland Part 2

The last weekend in September, we packed up a picnic and headed to Adventureland.  It was the last weekend of the season and we were ready for some thrills and spills!  We met Grandma Great there and had a great time!
1st stop...the carousel.  
 Then it was up the stairs to the Adventureland Train!  "All Aboard!"
 Pit stop at the teacups...round and around we go!
 Trigg was really excited to ride the ladybugs...he rode them about 6 times in a row!
 Trigg and I hopped onto this dragon to fly high...Trigg got to grab the controls...
 ...this ride spun around a little faster then I expected...
 Mom and Trigg went for a ride in the Chuck Wagon!
 Trigg also wanted to drive a boat...
 ...the look of concentration as he steers his boat through the water!
 Then Trigg took a trip on a fire truck!
 ...and we drove a blue big rig!
 We finished the day where we started...at the carousel.  This horse is named Leo because of the lion sitting behind the saddle (according to the Sue, the carousel operator).
We had a great day at Adventureland, lots of fun and plenty of laughs!

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