Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Birthday Boy

This month our little man turned 2!  We had planned to have his birthday party at The Pumpkin Ranch in Winterset, so we went the week before to scope it out.  
Trigg approved of the Johnny Tractor tricycle!
 ...but we got an even bigger smile from the actual Johnny Tractor!
 There are so many pumpkins!
 Well the day of the party rolled around and so did the rain clouds...so we ended up having the party in our garage...We kicked off the party with a little story time!
 Then it was on to the presents!
 Trigg was super excited about all his new toys, books and other fun stuff!
 New books are the best!
 Look who's 2!
 Our friend Jamie made the cookies and did a terrific job!
 Mom made the display, great job Mom!
 Trigg and Dad relaxing in the garage!
 Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like walking tacos!  Uncle Chad approves!
 Aunt Christa and Uncle Wade
 Grandma & Grandpa along with Nana & Papa enjoying Trigg's party!
 Mom, Grandma Great and Aunt Shay hanging out with the birthday boy.
 Is that a blue cookie...mmm, so good!
 After the food, we decorated little pumpkins!
 Cousin Nathan using a paint pen to make his pumpkin colorful!
 Trigg working hard on his pumpkin!
 Cousin Morgan is all smiles!
 Our paint pen got away from us and we got a little blue under the nose...oh well
 After the dust settled, it was a successful party (even in the garage)!
 Trigg helping to pick up, gathering up the balloons.
 We have a family tradition that we don't work on each other's birthdays, so birthday morning we had cinnamon roles in our jammies!
 And a cupcake for dessert after supper!
 Happy Birthday Trigg!
 Here are a few pictures of our little man.  "How old are you Trigg?"
 Oh boy
 All smiles...
What a dude, it's hard for me to believe that he is two...Happy Birthday Trigg!

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