Monday, October 28, 2013

New Front Door...feels like fall

With the weather being nice this past weekend, it was time to tackle the new front door project.  Here is a before picture of our front door.  The tricky part is these doors come as one giant unit, windows and all, but we really like the windows, we just wanted to swap out the door...
 The old faded green door needed to go!
 Here is the old door from the inside.  So we bought a new door...
 Here is the new door from the inside.  It took some work to get the new door to fit into the old hole.  I had to chisel out new hinge pockets and shave a bit off the top of the frame...but after a few hours of fits!
 We gave it a couple coats of exterior paint, we went with Valspar Dark Kettle Black from Lowe's.
 Here is the front door from the outside...looks like fall!
 Speaking of fall, Heather found our fall decorations from one of our boxes!
 Pumpkins, wheat stalks and falls colors can be found in our house!
 With lots of fall colors outside too!
Fall is in full swing and so are the house projects!  More to come!


Rodney Orton said...

Your new front door looks amazing! The black paint for the exterior make it stand out from the white frames on the outside quite nicely. And I really love the autumn colors. Best season of the year, IMO. Cheers!


John Barringer said...

It's great to hear that you've been tackling house projects one after the other and are doing great with each. I wonder what's the problem with the old door though. But yeah, this new one really look like fall – calm and relaxing.
John @ Beach Windows & Siding

Doug Medina said...

Much better than the faded green. You have a lovely exterior! It could go along with any season. Have you designed it for Christmas? Anyway, the green door still looks like it's in good shape. Maybe it could be used as a back door?
Doug @ CustomHomeImprovements