Monday, October 28, 2013


We have a tall entryway that needed painting... it was time to break out the extension ladder and paint plank to get this job done!
 My extension ladder streches out over 20 feet, so I was able to reach the top
 I also used an extension pole connected to my roller, extending my arm reach from 2 to 8 feet!
 My process was to edge the top and roll one roll from the extension ladder and then switch and use the extension pole from my 12 foot folding ladder.
 It work great until I got above the stairs...then I hit a spot where I reached as far as I could from te extension ladder and as far as I could from my folding ladder and couldn't reach about a 18 inch section...
 So I taped my brush to the end of my extension pole...problem solved!
 After I got the top edged out, I used this long paint plank from the top of the steps to the top of my folding ladder to paint the rest of the wall.
 I also got the front door trim primed while I was at it.
Fresh coat of paint makes the entryway feel clean and fresh! just to paint that window trim...

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