Thursday, October 31, 2013


The end of October is here and Halloween is upon us.  That means it was time to carve our pumpkins!  
Mom asked Trigg, "What do you want carved into your pumpkin, a happy face, a scary face?"  
Trigg replied "An airplane!"  
To which Mom responded "Great, Dad can help you with that"
So we came up with a plan for an airplane!
 When we snap pictures, we have been asking Trigg to "Show us your teeth"... and he did!
 First things first, pull out the pumpkin guts...Trigg wasn't too sure about sticking his hand into the pumpkin.
 Look at all those pumpkin guts and seeds!
 Step 2 - cut out an airplane.  Trigg took the airplane for a flight around the kitchen!
 Airplane pumpkin...check!
 We put a candle in the pumpkin to see how it would glow!
 "Look at that plane!"  Trigg exclaimed.
 Mom's turn to carve her pumpkin...she used some power tools!
 Mom & Trigg with their pumpkins!
 Trigg getting a closer look.
 Mom and Trigg with their finished products...good work you guys!
 Then we turned the lights off and let them glow!
 Last night was "Trick or Treat" night, our little elephant was on a stampede.
 We made the trip around the block and then headed back home to help Mom pass out candy!
We had lots of kids stop by and Trigg had a great time!  As he was running down the street he would say "Elephant on the move!"  It was too cute!

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