Thursday, October 24, 2013

Steppin' Up

We are giving the steps a whole new look.  I am getting closer to being done, so I thought I would post a few before and afters of the steps.  
When we moved in, they were fully carpeted with honey oak handrails and balusters...
 We tore off the carpet and took down the railing to add end caps, then we put the railing back up...this was all before we moved in.  With the new end caps in place, I started staining.
 I used Rust-Oleum wood stain and the color is "kona".
 We tried to get the stain to match the floor as closely as possible...I think I came pretty close.
4 of the end caps had to be ordered and they came in late.  Once they arrived, Brent (or Papa as he is known to Trigg) came over to help get the rest installed!
 I cut, primed and painted the risers to go under the end caps.
 This picture shows 2 risers in place and what the step looks like without them (plus some fall deco in the background!)
 End caps, railing and balusters back up and secured.
 Another angle...
 Then our carpet guys came back to finish the carpet runner down the steps.  We are getting closer to being finished with the steps...this picture captures what the final product will look like.
 another angle...
 I have a few more balusters left to paint...but I'm getting closer
Little by little, we are chipping away at our home projects and slowly but surely our new house is starting to feel like our home!

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