Monday, October 13, 2008

Chicago Marathon

The next stop in our marathon month is the Chicago Marathon. Sarah, Heather and I again loaded up the Mariner and this time headed east to the Windy City. Sarah's dad lives outside of Chicago in Plainfield and he invited us to stay with him, so Friday after work we left Des Moines. Our first pit stop was just before Davenport at the Pilot Travel Center, gas was still cheap at $2.79!
Heather and Sarah took a lap around the Travel Center to stretch out their legs.
We got to Sarah's dad's house Friday evening, which gave us an open Saturday because the race was on Sunday morning. So, Saturday we headed to Aurora to the Premium Outlet Mall!
After a full day of shopping and finding hot deals, we returned to Plainfield with new clothes and big smiles!
Sunday morning, we headed downtown for the big race. Sarah had spent a semester in college in Chicago, so she was our official tour guide, and she did an awesome job.
We left before the sun came up and drove to Midway airport to hop on the orange line.
Sarah and Heather on the train.
Heather and I excited about cheering for all the runners!
Heather and Sarah were super excited to ride on the train!
Our first cheering spot was at mile 4.
Which is right by Sarah's old apartment on North LaSalle.
We then headed over 1 block to mile 11 to cheer some more. Here is TC in the bright yellow jersey.
This is some guy in an orange jersey, then Morgan with the black and red shorts and Anthony in the yellow jersey. Still looking smooth at 11 miles.
Ryan in the blue and white jersey and white hat coming through 11 miles.
Caleb running strong, shirtless with the dark hat on.
After the guys ran past we headed back to the subway. We met up with some friends from Central who now live in Chicago, Adam and Trishelle.
Trishelle, Sarah and Heather are waiting for the red line.
We took the red line downtown to Chinatown.
Martin rolling through Chinatown.
TC still looking strong at mile 22.
Ryan gives us two big thumbs up as we cheer him on.
Morgan strides right through Chinatown.
After Chinatown we hopped back on the red line and made it to the finish. I don't have any photos of the finish line but we did find Ryan in the finishing area, here he is showing us his finishers medal, Nice Job Ryan!
We then walked down to meet up with the rest of the running crew in the family meet-up area. We meet under the "V" for Victory. On the way we stopped for a photo of the scenic Chicago skyline.
Sarah, Trishelle and Heather taking in all the sights, including the line of port-o-potties in the background.
The marathon was prepared for the hot weather and had this huge mister brought in from the Chicago fire department. It cooled everyone off!
We found Matt at the "V", he finished and still had a smile on his face.
Big thumbs up for the boys, Morgan, Kevin and TC, nice job guys!
Heather and I take a quick pic with the Sears Tower in the background.
Postcard perfect, Heather and I in Chicago!
The ladies posing for a classic tourist picture.
After a quick stop for the Chicago essentials, Jamba Juice and Garrett's popcorn, we get back on the train to head back to our car at Midway.
You could see the finishing area from the platform of the red line.

Nice job to all the finishers at the Chicago marathon, it proved to be another hot year but you all did great! A quick recap of the runners we were there cheering on (in alphabetical order):

  • Caleb Brown - 3:40:41
  • Bryan Brownsberger - 4:08:11
  • Anthony Cendena - 3:43:20
  • Todd Christensen - 2:54:28
  • Drake Clausen - 4:50:37
  • Kevin Egan - 2:55:46
  • Cindy Elsbernd - 3:40:58
  • Ryan Elsbernd - 3:08:29
  • Matt Harbert - 3:27:45
  • Morgan Parker - 3:09:35
  • Scott Patterson - 3:05:57
  • Martin Popp - 2:45:07
  • Aaron Quinn - 3:19:29
  • Jon Rathje - 3:04:52
  • Tom Scroggins - 3:16:58
  • Andrew Smart - 3:22:30
  • Brian Werner - 2:41:22

Again, great job everyone, it was fun to cheer you on even with the heat of the day. You all did great and made it to the finish!

Next stop for marathon month: Des Moines Marathon!

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