Friday, October 24, 2008

Marathon Update

Here are some more pictures from the Des Moines Marathon that Heather took on our camera.
Harbert going through the water station on the first leg of the relay.

Jen and Shay are running well, they have both picked up on Chad's running style of one arm in the air!

Over the bridge and to the finish Jen and Shay will go! That arm is still in the air.
Doing well in the 1/2 marathon, Shay gives a quick wave!
The fan club gets a workout too getting to the course.
Jen and Shay did awesome, here they are with their finisher medals!
Shay enjoying some breakfast pancakes, Nathan seems pretty interested in those pancakes.
Nathan trying some of Shay's pancakes and wouldn't you know, he likes them!
Coming down MLK on my way to the finish
Winning corporate relay team of Matt Harbert, Scott Patterson, myself, Caleb Brown and Anthony Cendana (in front)

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