Friday, October 10, 2008

Official Marathon Photos

These are some of the official marathon pictures from the Twin Cities Marathon. This is marathon month and we are headed to Chicago today to cheer on the members of the SCRC who will be running in the Chicago marathon on Sunday. You will have better weather than what I had and I wish you the best of luck, I'll see you out there.

This picture does a good job of capturing the rain.
Yep, still raining...
...and still raining.
The look of determination (or pain)
Eyes on the prize...the finish line.
Home stretch, not sure what I am looking at
Stick a fork in me, I'm done!


Erin said...

How did you get those pics to copy and paste onto your page?

adam said...

nice pictures seth. great job on the race too.

i am not sure if you are aware, but it appears that you posted at 4:50am. i think that is when people are supposed to be sleeping. just fyi.

Jill the Thrill said...

Yeah Seth!! I would have quit when it started raining. Actually, I probably would have never started!! haha