Monday, October 27, 2008

Murder Mystery Party

Saturday night, Heather and I went to a murder mystery party. The party was a 50's era theme and everyone was assigned a different character. We then were to dress like our given characters. During the game we found out different clues about each other and we had to try to figure out who was guilty of murder.
Derek and Joni all dressed up to go to the malt shoppe

Heather and I were the rebels of the group.
Slick hair and big hair make for a fun night!
Kim, Heather and Joni all fit their parts well!
A blast from the past.
The ladies of AFC (America's Family Coaches) having fun in the 50's!
The gang: Jon, Kim, Heather, myself, Joni and Derek

We had a rockin' good time at the party. Big thanks to the Caven's for hosting!


Pella VL's said...

Vaavaa Voom, Heather!

Erin said...

Ok you should have been born in the 50's you guys look great! Where did you get that Heather? Plz tell me you have been holding out and it was in the back of your closet!

Rainbow said...

WHOA HEATHER! LOL - y'all looked awesome! what fun!