Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Des Moines Marathon

This past weekend was the Des Moines Marathon. The Des Moines Marathon offers a relay challenge, 5 people run on a team, the first 4 run 5 miles and the last runner runs 6.2 miles (10k). This year the Principal Financial Group put together two relay teams to compete in the corporate division. I haven't loaded the pictures that Heather took on our camera, but here are some of the race photos.
Matt Harbert lead us off for our relay team and as you can see here, he is flying!
Here comes Matt in front of the capital.
Matt is running so fast, he is blurry, even in those basketball shorts!
Matt handed off to Anthony Cendana for the second leg, a very hilly leg that went south of Grand.
He ran so fast he could hardly keep his eyes open.
Anthony handed off to Scott Patterson. Scott's leg took him for a lap on Drake's blue track.
Scott is hitting his stride.
Looking down the home stretch.
Scott handed off to Caleb Brown. Caleb's leg went on the bike path past the art center and into Waterworks park. Apparently the camera guys couldn't get back there because we don't have any photos of Caleb. Caleb the handed off to me for the finish.
My leg came out of Waterworks to Gray's lake, across the bridge...
...and finishing downtown.
Look at all these medals!
We ended up the 3rd team to finish, but we won the corporate division! We finished in a time of 2:40.09.
Here is the breakdown of splits for those interested:
Matt Harbert - 30:35
Anthony Cendana - 32:46
Scott Patterson - 30:12
Caleb Brown - 31:15
Seth Comfort - 35:21
Total time - 2:40.09
I will update with more pictures once I pull them off my camera.

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