Friday, October 24, 2008


Last weekend we went to Newton to celebrate Grandpa Earl and Grandma Gloria's 55th wedding anniversary. We had a great time celebrating and sharing memories!
Gloria and Earl show their cake and pretty flowers.

In a rare moment, we captured Brent's smile on camera. Both Brent and Doreen share a smile!

Nathan and Papa Brent discuss some serious business.
Earl, Chad and Nathan discuss farming and John Deere.
Nathan helping Grandma and Grandpa Great celebrate their anniversary.
Chad, Nathan and Shay say "Cheese"
What I enjoyed most was watching Nathan's imagination run wild. He found this puppy figurine and decided he needed to take care of his puppy. He played with it, took it on a walk and even took him to the bathroom.
Nathan even set up a "dog house" for his puppy and gave his puppy some dog food (chips)...
...and a water bowl and a big kiss on the head.
It was great to see his imagination working and figuring out what he needed to give to this puppy. He did such a good job taking care of this one, I think he is ready for the real deal!

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