Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Wednesday evening we headed over to Josh and Kelly's house to carve pumpkins with our small group. We had a blast. We got there and Hudson was in his Halloween costume as a monkey.

Hudson the monkey with all the pumpkins

Kelly, Josh, Mike and Sarah get started working on their pumpkins.
Heather, Matt and Meredith get their hands dirty cleaning out the guts.
Busy working; Mike and Sarah both had patterns from a book with skill level 3 out of 3! Josh (standing) printed off a pattern from the world wide web of Barack Obama.
Matt and Meredith are busy carving while Heather is looking for some different ideas for her pumpkin.
Mike and his finished jack o' lantern "3 Wolves at Midnight"
Josh, Hudson and Barack
The finished product glowing in the night!
I carved the one on the left with the skull and Matt carved the pumpkin on the right.
I carved a bird in it's cage on the backside of my pumpkin.
Mike's "3 Wolves at Midnight" and Sarah's owl, nice job you guys!
Josh's Obama pumpkin and Meredith spider and web.
Here is the whole crew with all the pumpkins. It was a night well spent with good food, good friends and good fun!
Heather's pumpkin in full use, she painted her pumpkin black and then scrapped off the paint, put a vase in the middle and it is now the center piece on our table with flowers in it, very creative!

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