Monday, March 16, 2009

Joni turns 30!

Our good friend Joni Pine turned 30 this past weekend and we got a chance to celebrate with her and friends on Saturday. Derek, Kim and Heather planned the party without Joni knowing a majority of the details. The event started at the "Incredi-roll". That is the premier roller skating rink on Des Moines' north side. We started skating around 2 and it was so much fun.
Lisa, Miya and Joni are all super excited to start skating. Isaiah is more interested in the lights and disco ball. Joni got to wear her "30" crown for the skating party.
Joni and Heather can skate and dance at the same time!
Evan, Aaron and Dawn share some family time as they skate around the rink. Shortly after this picture was taken the DJ announced "Please DO NOT carry children while skating, it doesn't matter your skill level, please do not carry children while skating."
So Evan got to try and rollerskate for the first time in his life. Unfortunately, he didn't weight enough to make the wheels turn, but he had fun trying!
Heather and I smile as we skate around the rink.
The girls are all smiles as they cruise around on skates.
Dawn and Evan take a break from skating. Evan has the skater hair, now he just needs the moves.
Isaiah wants to inspect my teeth.
The guys just chillin' at the Incredi-roll.
Derek and Joni relive their middle school days and they hold hands!
After the skating party, Joni was saying good bye to everyone, telling everyone thanks for coming, what she didn't know was that we were all heading to Derek's parents for some birthday cake!
After the birthday cake, Joni said goodbye again and we headed home to let the Riley out. Then we met back up at Bravo for birthday dinner. Again, Joni was surprised to see us and the Stotts walk into the restaurant. After dinner, Heather took Joni and they meet Dawn at a place in Valley Junction called "Whatta Dish" where they decorated ceramic plates. Unfortunately, the girls has so much fun, they forgot to take pictures. All in all, we had a great time celebrating Joni on her big day. Happy Birthday Joni!

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