Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Music Wednesday

Last Wednesday, I highlighted a new song that we like. That led me to an idea, Music Wednesday. Each Wednesday, I will highlight a band, song, musician, concert...that we have been listening to or has caught our attention.

This week's music selection is...The Fray:
The band finished recording their self-titled second album (The Fray) at the end of July 2008 for a February 3, 2009 release. The album was produced by Aaron Johnson and Mike Flynn, the same production duo from the band's debut album.[26] The Fray filmed a music video in Chicago, for their first single, "You Found Me", directed by Josh Forbes, which debuted on on December 9, 2008. A documentary, titled Fair Fight, directed by the band's longtime photographer and documentary filmmaker Rod Blackhurst[27][28][29] will be sold with the first 300,000 copies of the second album.[30] The Fray debuted their new single "You Found Me" on November 20, during a commercial break of the show Grey's Anatomy. It was a one-minute promo with scenes from the upcoming season of ABC's Lost, and was also made available on iTunes.

Check out the video for "You Found Me"

I highly recommend this album, it is solid from start to finish.

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