Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Guests

Friday night, Chad, Shay, Nathan and Falco came to stay at our house. Shay is on the committee for the JDRF walk for Pella Corp. The walk was Saturday morning in the skywalks downtown, so instead of waking up at the crack of dawn and driving to Des Moines, they came and had a slumber party. Their good friends Mark and Jen Phillips are in the process of moving to Des Moines, Mark is here while Jen is finishing up the school year in Denver. Mark came over and joined us for dinner and an evening of entertainment from Nathan. We busted out the Wii and Nathan showed us some of his bowling skills. Heather and Shay take a Wii break to smile at the camera.

Nathan finds a book for Mark to read as they chill on the couch.

There is a game on the Wii where you race cows, Nathan decided he could help Auntie Heather. Once he got "cozy" the shirt came off, I guess that means he is comfortable.

Nathan helps Heather to win the race and they share a laugh.

Falco and Riley were playing like old friends.
After the Wii, it was back to more books as we tried to settle down for the evening.

Once the jammies were put on, it was time to lay down, Nathan started to watch "Cars" but didn't last long before he fell asleep.
He was quick to remember the next morning, so we finished watching the movie.
Then Nathan dazzled us with his soccer moves...
...he did all this before they headed downtown at 8 am. Life seems to be pretty busy for that 2 year old. Too many things to play with and too little time. It was great to have the Pella Vande Lunes over, the evening went fast, but it was time well spent.

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