Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goodbye Sassy Sable

I wrote a song specifically for this day; it was adapted from Michael Scott's "Goodbye Toby" which was adapted from Supertramp's "Goodbye Stranger".

It was an early morning just today
I was up before the dawn
And I really have enjoyed my stay
The Sable must be moving on

Goodbye Sassy its been nice
Hope you find your paradise
Tried to see your point of view
Hope your dreams will all come true

Goodbye Sassy, goodbye Sassy
Will we ever meet again
Feel no sorrow, feel no shame
Come tomorrow, feel no pain

Sassy, Sassy, Sassy going away

That's correct, today is the day the Sable is getting donated and being towed away. It's been a good run, but it is time to say goodbye.

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