Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trip to the O.C.

This past weekend, Heather, Riley and I made the trip to northwest Iowa to Orange City to visit Rob, Erin, Gracie and Karys. We drove through some snow on the way there, but we managed to pull into Orange City around 8 pm Friday night. As we were driving we realised that we left our camera at home. I know, I know, how do I except to maintain a blog without pictures...I'll improvise!
This past weekend was Rob's birthday, he turned 7 1/4 years old. That's right, Rob is a leap year baby
And we celebrated with what is quickly becoming a birthday tradition for the Comforts, a cookie cake!
Saturday was pretty low key, which was really nice. We got to spend some good quality time with the girls. Riley got to meet her new friend, Maggie (their new puppy). It was a really relaxing morning capped with a trip to the O.C. public library.
The girls love the library, and they showed us where we can find all their favorite books.
The library even has a kids room with a bunch of fun stuff to play with including computer games.
After some good play time and picking out some new books to take home, we headed back to Rob and Erin's. For birthday dinner, we headed to a favorite new spot in Orange City, The Blue Mountain.
This is a great place to spend an evening. It is kind of like 3 restaurants in one. The Blue Mountain Smokehouse and Grill, is their main restaurant. It was a 60 minute wait and with 2 hungry girls, not the best option. So we went to their lodge, which is like a bar and grill.
It was really good food and we were able to walk in and get a seat. I had a pulled pork burrito, it was excellent! After dinner, we headed back for some more play time with the girls. Sunday morning, we headed to church at Trinity Reformed Church.

Rob is the youth pastor at Trinity Reformed and he is teaching a class, so he had to be at church early. While Heather, Erin and Karys were getting ready, Gracie and I got to spend some time together playing. We played with Play-doh, made all sorts of things and went through the alphabet. Karys joined us once she was ready and we played some more and colored. Out of the whole trip, I really enjoyed Sunday morning and getting a chance to spend some time Gracie and Karys. They both have their own personalities and it is fun to watch them interact with each other. It was a great trip and hopefully Rob had a good birthday as well.

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