Monday, March 16, 2009


Heather and I got to drive a little bit this weekend. Friday evening, Rob and Erin were taking their youth group to the Twin Cities for a retreat. Heather's mom was going to watch the girls for the weekend, but she was out of town till Friday evening around 7pm. Rob and Erin needed to be in the Twin Cities by 8:30, so Heather and I drove up to Albert Lea, MN to pick up the girls. It worked out perfectly, we pulled into the travel center 3 minutes before the big church vans got there. A quick pit stop for dinner and we were back on the road.
We made the return trip on Sunday, but this time we were joined by Nathan. Nathan is spending spring break in Orange City with his cousins. We couldn't fit 3 car seats in our car, so we got to take Papa Brent's truck. We packed up the kids and all their gear and they were ready to go!
We are all smiles at the start of the trip!
The kids are packed in like sardines.
Nathan and Gracie were chatter boxes as we started our trip North.Nathan shows us his travel pillow, which came in handy as both he and Karys fell asleep for most of the two hours.

We put in the movie "Cars" and before we knew it, we were in Minnesota making the kid exchange. As we pulled into the travel center, Auntie Heather got everyone cheering "Spring Break - Orange City, Spring Break - Orange City" We has a great time with the kids. They are a lot of fun and each one of them has their own unique personality. It was a lot of fun to see them interact with each other and chat with one another...and those kids say the darnest things!

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