Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Field of Greens

Monday evening we got together with Heather's family to celebrate her birthday. We started off with a round of mini-golf. We played at Field of Greens, which is connected to Toad Valley golf course in Pleasant Hill. The course was really nice and fun to play. Heather, the birthday girl, starts us out on hole 1.
Also playing, Heather's mom, Doreen
...and Grandma, Gloria
...and brother Chad. Brent, Nathan, Shay and myself were also playing, but I didn't get pics of them teeing off at hole 1.
Nathan and Heather find a good place to watch us your toes!
Nathan gets ready to hit. About this time Brent, being the competitive golfer, announces that he is sponsoring the "Hole in 1 Challenge" anyone that gets a hole in one will win a dollar!
Heather steps up to hit her ball.
Grandma gives it a good whack...and if you look close, her ball is in the air!
Even with one broken arm, Nathan can still hit the ball!
Nathan watches his dad hit the ball.
Nathan and I practice our Tiger Woods "Fist Pump".
Nathan surveys the course to get a feel for the breaks...
...and it paid off! Nathan had the first Hole in One! Brent pays the man for a job well done.
Not to be out done on her birthday, Heather sinks a Hole in One! and gets her dollar!
Double fist pump for a double Hole in One...nice job you two!
Oh how the tables Chad and Brent watch as Nathan puts to see how it is done!
...and Chad follows up with a Hole in One too, complete with a dollar!
This was definitely an Iowa mini-golf course with the corn growing in the background.
Nathan, Shay and Heather finish up the round.
After golf, we headed to dinner. Nathan and I work on coloring his kids menu.
Aaron wishes his Auntie Heather a happy birthday! We had a ton of fun celebrating Heather's birthday with Grandma Gloria, Brent, Doreen, Chad, Shay, Nathan and Aaron and some of us even made money with some Hole in One's! Happy Birthday Heather!

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