Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book Review: The Alphabet of Grace

On the flight home from California, I read The Alphabet of Grace by Frederick Buechner. This was a good read that looks at grace and love through the course of one day.
Buechner walks through a typical day in his life and unpacks how God's grace can be seen in even the smallest details. In his morning routine of waking up, getting breakfast ready, waking up his kids for school and heading out to work. He explains that even in waking up to a new morning, we receive God's grace so we can live a new day. This book is a good reminder of how truly blessed we are and how God's grace seeps into every facet of our lives.
I will say this book has some interesting twists that I didn't expect. He has dialog with his inner monologue, it both surprises and delights while teaching as well. A few times I was very confused, but as I kept reading, it was clear what Buechner was point is.
Buechner presents a 3-part series of reflections that dig into the innermost mysteries of life. He presents the significance of occurrences, both monumental and seemingly trivial, with a wealth of personal, biblical and spiritual insights.
I really enjoyed this book and I would suggest it for anyone. It is a great encouragement and a good picture of how God works in the daily interactions and routines.

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