Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Office Row Decorations

I recently switched jobs and I am now working at Allied Insurance. Upon arriving at my new job, I learned that they also compete in a Christmas decorating contest and each row decorates based on a theme of their choice. I quickly found out that they take this competition very seriously as I was scheduled in a row meeting on my second day at work and handed a blue print of what our row would look like! It was a ton of fun and here are a few pictures of the rows.
This row's theme was Charlie Brown Christmas.
Complete with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree...
...and Snoopy on his dog house!
The next row was a Gingerbread House theme, complete with an archway from side of the row to the next!
They even had a few gingerbread people meeting under the mistletoe
The next row was O Christmas Tree and each cube had a different Christmas tree.
They got creative with some office supplies!
The next row's theme was Up On the Roof Top
...with stocking hung by the chimney with care.
My row's theme was Santa's Workshop
We also had some archways spanning from one cube to the next
...and everyone in the row was turned into an elf, complete with tools and toys being built.

We had a reindeer pen in the back...for the reindeer
The next row was Frosty the Snowman and each cube had a different snowman
Everyone in that row personalized their own snowman.
The next row won the competition with their theme...
The Pricing Express, they turned their row into a train.
From the other rows, you see the "outside" of the train looking in.
...and from the inside of the train. Each cube was a separate "train car"
This one even had a fireplace
...and a refreshment car, with hot chocolate and cookies!
The next row's theme was the movie Elf
...they had the Sea of Swirly Twirly Gumdrops
...and Gimbel's department store.
We have a few business partners on a different floor...they too decorated their area with the theme of Candy Land
...complete with Lord Licorice,
Ice Cream Slopes,
Chocolate Mountain...
and the Ice Palace! They ended up in second place!
It was a ton of fun decorating our rows, everyone really got into it and results were amazing! This makes me wonder, does anyone else decorate their office for Christmas?

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