Wednesday, December 1, 2010 we go!!!

This Thanksgiving, the Pine's and the Comfort's flew to sunny California for a 5 day vacation! Joni's Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim live in Anaheim and they opened up the home to us for our stay, we just needed to get there. Our flight out to LA went from Des Moines to Chicago and then Chicago to LAX. Joni and Heather were super excited when we landed in Chicago!
It was a little strange to get off the plane outside and walk into the terminal and Chicago this time of year is not too warm...but despite that Joni and Derek are all smiles.
Heather was freezing but we managed to snap a picture before she ran inside to warm up.
The best and unexpected part of the Chicago airport...Garrett's Popcorn! If you have never enjoyed Garrett's Popcorn I would strongly recommend the Chicago mix (half cheese and half Carmel corn) it is so good!
...and finally we are off to CA!

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