Friday, December 3, 2010

Brush with fame...

Monday morning we headed to the taping of the Price is Right, we got "tickets" ahead of time and they instructed us that screening starts at the fine print it also stated that these "tickets" were not a guarantee that we would be on the show. We got to the studio around 8:45 and realized we were very late. This first taping (12:30) was already filled but we could have a place ticket to hold our spot in line for the 4:00 taping, we were 145-149 in line. We also had tickets to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, so we planned on going to that. The studio is right next to The Grove, a fun outdoor shopping center with another enormous real Christmas tree!
While we were shopping, there was a camera crew setting up to tape the show Extra, with Mario Lopez (also know as A.C. Slater)!
Derek and Joni wanted to stop in the American Girl store, so Heather and I walked up the street to get a pretzel. That is when Megan approached us and asked if we wanted to be on TV. She introduced us to the Mark and he explained that we would be interviewed...
...for a new show that Tori Spelling and Jeff Lewis are hosting.
So we were interviewed by Tori Spelling and Jeff Lewis and asked questions about holiday stress... was crazy to have a camera crew all around us!
Joni was super excited that her friends and now become "famous"
Here is a shot of all the people it takes to pull off a talk show.
After that, we headed over to Burbank for the taping of the Tonight Show!
We ended up getting awesome seats, second row! Bill Cosby was the guest and he was hilarious. If you watch the show from Monday, November 29th, you can see us in the crowd as Jay greets the audience! Here is a link to NBC's website for that show: Click Here to Watch

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the Cavens said...

This looks like such a fun trip! And we are big Jeff Lewis fans - how cool to get to be on their new show! (although I'm still trying to figure out the Spelling/Lewis combo)
What a fun Thanksgiving!