Friday, December 3, 2010

The CA sights...

Saturday morning we headed to the swap meet in Orange County. Derek and I go to flea markets and garage sales every Friday over lunch, so I was looking forward to a swap meet. I will have to say that the Orange County Swap Meet is very much different from Iowa swap meets. Over 1,000 vendors and you can buy anything from socks and sunglasses to a new bedroom set or a new car! This giant chair was ridiculously awesome!
After the swap meet, we headed to Pasadena to meet up with our friends Ann and Andy for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We hung out and got to see all the sights of Pasadena!
Sunday, Heather and I headed to Paramount to go to Emmanuel Reformed Church. Our good friends, the Browns, live there and Jason works for the church. We had a great time catching up with the Browns and where life has them right now.
Sunday evening, we meet back up with Derek, Joni, Sue and Jim and headed to Downtown Disney for supper. We didn't go into the actual park, but there are a lot of fun things to see and lots of restaurants!
It was getting dark, but the "CALIFORNIA" in the background has candy cane stripes for Christmas!
Heather and I with Mickey!
Derek and Joni...
...and Sue and Jim!
Then we got one big family shot!
The front entrance to Disney all lit up with lights!
While we were waiting to get into the restaurant, Derek and I ventured down to the Lego store, "Howdy Partner"
"Derek....I am your father"
It wouldn't be a pit stop at Disney without the classic Mickey Mouse ears!
Derek and Joni are enjoying the magic of Disney!
After Disney, Jim took us on a tour of Christmas lights, we headed to the City of Brea and there is one neighborhood that goes all out...Griswold style, it was amazing. Big thanks to Jim and Sue, you guys are awesome!

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