Monday, September 22, 2008


Heather's family has a yearly tradition of going to Adventureland for a day of thrills and spills and this year was no exception. The whole crew headed over to Adventureland on Sunday afternoon. We kicked off the afternoon with a picnic at the shelter house. The menu included Pella bologna, potato salad, veggies, chips, fruit and apple crisp.
The whole crew poses for a picture on the steps before we begin our wild day!
First stop, the carousel for a ride.
Heather's mom Doreen, Grandma Gloria, and Heather each find their horses to ride.
Heather and I pose for a picture before the ride begins.
Nathan figuring out how to ride his wild stallion.
He got so good at riding, he could ride without hands!
Let's go for another ride, Nathan waves as he goes by.
On to the next ride, Nathan explains how to drive a snowmobile.
He must remain focused at all times in order to drive a blue snowmobile.
Next stop, semi-trucks, we are all smiles in these big rigs.
Nathan negotiating the turn.
Chad steals a kiss from Shay with Nathan and Orange Shirt Kid drive.
Grandma Gloria points out all the fish to Nathan.
Papa Brent give Chad and Nathan some tips on how to fish.
On to the Chuck Wagon, Auntie Heather gets to ride with Nathan this time!
"Look how far I can see Auntie Heather" Nathan says
Our next stop, the airplanes, Nathan is ready to fly.
"Try the red one too?!" Nathan pleads
Back to the semi's, look no hands!
"Try the red one too?!" works every time
Nathan tries his hand at motorcycle racing.
A real wild man on his bike
Look how much fun this is!
"Hey Guys"
Next stop, the hot air balloons. Nathan gets to ride with daddy and...
...Uncle Seth and Auntie Heather
"I'm getting dizzy" Nathan says as his smile fades away.
Nathan concurs the ladybugs next.
Heather and I rode on the Galleon, as we were getting off the ride, Chad, Shay and Nathan were getting on. Nathan decided that he wanted to ride it too.
Everything was going well until the bars came down, then Nathan got a look of terror in his eyes.
The terror quickly changed to laughter once the ride started, Nathan loved it!
He was laughing so hard, I think he could be heard across the park.
We took a ride in the Giant Ferris Wheel next.
Heather and I got to ride too!
To put a close to our great day, one last stop at the carousel, we started with the horses and finished with them too!
We had a great time at Adventureland, a special thanks to Grandma Gloria for the tickets!

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Pella VL's said...

We had so much fun it's crazy! I still just laugh out loud remembering Nathan on the "Big Swing" laughing so hard he could harldy breath!