Monday, September 8, 2008

Meals from the Heartland

Wednesday evening, our small group volunteered to help package meals with Meals from the Heartland: The concept is that Iowans are better together and working side by side, we can make a global impact. The packaging is taking place from Sept 1st through Sept 9th. Currently the total meals packaged: 3,506,976!
Here is our small group getting ready to start.
This is being held at Hy-Vee hall, here are all the workstations.
The ladies model the sweet hairnets!
Matt and Josh are busy working.
Sarah and Heather take a time out to pose for a picture.
Mike is so amazed at how fast I work, he couldn't even watch.
Our small group of Matt, Sarah, Heather, myself, Kelly, Meredith, Josh and Mike.

We had a great time packaging food. While we were there the Waukee football team came to help package food and there were also a few Drake sororities and fraternities. It was great to see people from all around the community, the state and even from surrounding states gather together to make a difference.

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