Monday, September 22, 2008

Beaverdale Parade

Another great event that takes place during the Beaverdale Fall Festival is the Beaverdale Parade. The parade was a ton of fun, we met up with our friends Ryan and Nora Faircloth and Caleb, Rachael and Jenna Brown. We got great seats to watch, more candy than we needed and plenty of laughs.
Ryan, Nora, Rachael and Caleb are super excited for the parade to start.
East High Marching band made an appearance in this year's parade.
Heather watching the marching band go by.
A rowing team carried their boat for the parade.
Des Moines Mayor Franklin Cownie passes out candy.
Farrell's karate kids
The Roll Patrol were selling cinnamon rolls. Ryan couldn't pass up such a good breakfast deal.
Rachael also jumped on board the cinnamon roll band wagon.
A parade wouldn't be a parade without bag pipes and kilts.
The Iowa Scottish pipes and drums sounded great!
Nora, Rachael, Caleb and Heather show off their breakfast while Jenna is actually watching the parade.
Dale the beaver waves to his fans.
Heather takes full advantage of the sun, even if that means sitting by herself while the rest of us enjoy the shade.
Although it is hard to see here, Jenna has what I would call the start of a "rat tail", proving even more so that she is Caleb's daughter. Cubby the Cub Scout giving out high fives!
Schaal Heating and Cooling had this cool "float", a hollowed out air conditioner on wheels!
"Look at that bike!" Heather yells back to us.
Caleb showing us his life motto..."Say No to Drugs" Where in the world is Steve Karlin? There he is, throwing candy out in the Beaverdale Parade!
Caleb and Ryan show off some youth soccer jersey's that the caught.
"This shirt is so tight, it looks like I have muscles" Ryan boasts.
Caleb showing us his new workout plan, no more lifting weights, instead he does his tricep curls using his daughter.
After the parade, Heather and I grabbed some lunch at one of the vendors. We should have known the line would be moving slow after reading their sign, but I guess it is worth a $3.00 corn dog!
The Isiserettes put on a fantastic show of drumming...
...and dancing
All in all the fall festival was a ton of fun and I would highly recommend it.

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