Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A day of first's

Saturday brought a day filled with first time experiences for both Heather and I. We came up with the idea that we wanted to try and ride a tandem bike. I called my good friend Ryan to see if they had a tandem bike we could borrow. Much to our delight, they did have one that they could lets us use! So we headed over to their house. Upon arriving at the Elsbernd's we meet the newest member of their family, Cali. This was our first time meeting Cali and she is a great dog. Very mellow and calm but once she smelled us out she was willing to play. (We forgot to bring our camera along, so this picture isn't actually Cali, but as close as I could find on the world wide web)
We got the tandem, made sure it fit, Ryan and Cindy gave us some tips and pointers and we were off. We headed down past the Art Center and hopped on the trail. We took the bike path down through Water Works park and made a loop around Gray's lake and then biked back up the trail.

This was another first for us, we enjoyed riding on the tandem bike, but our rear ends didn't enjoy it as much, they were a little sore after the ride. Again we forgot our camera, but I am guessing we looked something like this.

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