Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Monday was Labor Day and what better way to spend a day off from work than to take a road trip, and that is exactly what we did. Heather and I fueled up the Mariner and headed up north to Ikea in the Twin Cities. This would be my first time to Ikea!
After 3 and 1/2 hours of driving we made it to Ikea way right around 11. We did a quick walk through because we were meeting some friends for lunch. Small world moment, as we were leaving we ran into our friends from our small group, Josh and Kelly with their little guy Hudson. They were in the twin cities for the weekend and stopped by Ikea for some quick shopping.
Our good friends Seth and Nicole moved up to the twin cities after college. We headed over to their apartment for some lunch. The lunch was great, we had grilled pork loin, green beans, pasta salad, strawberries and some cheese curds (turds). It was so nice to catch up with the Zehr's and see where life has brought them.
Seth and Nicole taste testing lunch, it passed the test!
After lunch and some time of catching up, we headed back over to Ikea to take a closer look at some items. We are in the planning stages of remodeling out kitchen, so we checked out the cabinets and all the features Ikea has to offer.
We made our way through the whole store and into the warehouse where we picked up a few items.
A quick pit stop at the cafeteria for some refreshments

We made our last purchases, checked out, loaded up the car and headed back to Iowa. I was very impressed with Ikea and plan on returning in the upcoming months to purchase some cabinets!

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